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CHOU Radio Middle-East
The only Canadian Arabic-speaking radio station was established in Montreal in 1996.  It broadcasts A variety of Arabic programs and a selection of Arabic and International music throughout the metropolitan region and is a source of objective, independent and pluralistic information.




Radio Middle-East programming provides a complete overview of information for Arabic-speaking Montrealers. We offer a series of programs to meet the needs of our various groups of listeners.

Specific programs on current topics such as politics, society, arts and culture; segments on health, beauty, consumer information, horoscopes, weather and other subjects of interest keep our listeners company throughout the day and provide unique and different perspectives on subjects that are often overshadowed by powerful regional news media.

Above all, our programs focus on music and entertainment. Many of our music programs target the largest audience possible, but CHOU’s Radio Middle-East musical identity reflects its image as a Canadian radio station for Arabic-speaking Montrealers. CHOU offers listeners modern music, as well as International and Middle Eastern hits.  We also showcase Arabic programs produced in Canada



Radio Middle-East programs originate in Montreal and are produced in our new studios using state-of-the-art digital technology.  Programs are broadcast from a tower in Ville Saint-Laurent’s industrial park with an 80 km range, in and around Montreal.

CHOU – 1450 AM


Through, an interactive extension of the station, Radio Middle-East gives its listeners direct access to its programs from anywhere in the world…

Internet users will also find a personalized presentation of journalists, DJ’s and announcers, as well as discussion forums on a variety of themes proposed by Radio Middle-East artistic and cultural management.  Internet surfers can also see their favourite announcers live thanks to cameras installed in our studios.


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Station Partners


VDL (Voice of Lebanon)
Private Radio
Beirut - Lebanon

RMCI (Monte Carlo International Radio)
Division of Radio France International
Monte Carlo - France

RCI (Radio Canada International)
Division of Radio Canada
Montreal, Canada


The Radio Middle-East schedule gives priority to information; Objective, independent and true to life information that meets the professional ethics and quality standards of large international stations.

We are THE central reference point for information on Middle-Eastern, Canadian and International information among Arabic-speaking Canadians in Montreal and throughout North America.

Six daily information segments in Arabic at 7:00, 8:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 22:00.

Features on news, sports, what's new, the environment, diplomacy, culture, multi-media, fashion, with guests and experts every day of the week.

Instant new flashes; updates on daily news events; and keeps listeners informed with continuous information.




7:00am and 8:00am
Everything you need to know on Middle-Eastern, Canadian and
International news.

VDL News (Voice of Lebanon)
Content - 70% Lebanese, 30% Regional International

RMCI (Monte Carlo Radio) Panorama
Content - 80% Middle-Eastern, 20% International

RCI (Radio Canada International)
Content - 80% Canadian Content, 20% International

RMCI (Monte Carlo Radio) Panorama
Content - 80% Middle-Eastern, 20% International

VDL News (Voice of Lebanon)
Content - 70% Lebanese, 30% Regional International

RMCI (Monte Carlo Radio) Panorama
Content - 80% Middle-Eastern, 20% International

Radio Middle-East
24 hours
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